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Oh... my... fuckin'... god...! Why the fuck are most of the fuckin' calls today from people who don't seem to have a fuckin' brain in their fuckin' heads?! Call after call of people who either can't listen, can't follow directions, or suddenly think that, despite admitting how little they know about computers, they know more than the 'tech support guy' that they've called to help them and want to argue! Fuck the fuckin' fuckers!

And this one in particular - is there no end to this?!? Problem after problem after problem after problem after problem after problem - all in one fucking call!!

Me: "Please go to Start, then Shutdown, and close all programs and log in as a different user"
C: "Shut down and restart?"
Me: "No, there should be an option to close all programs and log in as a different user."
C: "...there isn't. Where is this?"
Me: "Go to Start.... then Shutdown............."
C: "Okay, and?"
Me: "And there should be three options there."
C: "Well, there isn't. There's Shutdown, Shutdown and Restart, and Close all progr....... oh."

No wonder this call took 23 fuckin' minutes. Oh wait - he called back... let's add another 11 minutes to set up a fuckin' e-mail profile, shall we?


*sigh* Where has all of my 'infinite patience' gone? Wasted, I'd say, on people like that...

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