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...almost a week since my last post, and how long since a real one?? I'm not sure if it's a lack of things to post about, or simply a lack of desire to post anything at all...?

Welcomes go out to blue_r0gu3 and dreampalaces, both of whom I've just recently met at The Warehouse.

Though work is much better than it was a few months ago, it's still a dead end... it feels like what Martin Sheen said in Apocolypse Now - "...the longer I sit in this room, the weaker I become..." This job, in general, does not require much technical skill; meanwhile, in the real world, new technologies are coming and going, getting faster with more capacity in an even smaller box... here I sit, resetting passwords and unlocking LAN accounts while my knowledge slowly becomes more and more a thing of the past - literally. I am getting no hands-on, or even theoretical, experience with any of the new toys, gadgets and gizmos. I suppose I should take time out to catch up on these things, but much of the time I'm not even sure I want to stay in the computer industry. But what else would I do? What else am I qualified for? My 'paperwork', my credentials, points me always to these 'magic boxes'.

Shortest call ever (that wasn't an on-purpose hang-up):
Me: "Support centre, Jaime speaking..."
C: "Hi Jaime, it's Bruce calling from" *click*

There is always the hope that this self-employed business venture will work out, but how long will that take? How long before I would be able to do that, and that alone, without taking a hit to the ol' wallet?

I have peanut butter, but no squirrels.

Just took one of those quizzes... you know: Have you been abducted by aliens? One of the questions struck me - "Do you have a strong sense of having a mission or an important role to perform beyond your daily duties?" Just as I mentioned above, I need more than this; I used to have more than this. My work leaves me feeling empty.

My chopsticks did not break evenly. This is a sign...
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