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Your Name: Jaime Carroll
Your Date of Birth: 03/02/1972
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Ehwaz - Abrupt changes, moving into new home and environment, travel, swift change in situation.


Kenaz - The hearth fire, artistic pursuits, healing, love and passion, creativity, strength.


Jera - Harvesting tangible results from efforts already sown, fertility, culmination of events, abundance.

Cast the runes here:
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The "present" one, at very least, is full of shit... I feel none of what that says. I haven't felt any of that for a while.

This is going to be a wonderously crappy day, I can feel it... much of it has already started.

This is going to be vague for a reason...

My friend and I were walking through a parkade, making jokes and being generally giddy. As a car started to approach an upramp, my friend decided to hop the cement wall and stand in front of the car... the driver stopped, but upon seeing that my friend was not going to move immediately, decided to move forward and force my friend out of the way. I don't know if it was an accident or not, but the driver floored the car, running into my friend and sending her careening over the far side of the car; it screeched to a halt, and the driver got out to view her handywork, horrified that she had actually hit my friend. It was not a pretty picture, by any means...

One of my friend's legs was very badly broken, to the point where one would say, "that should not be bent that way!" The other leg was in far worse condition - in fact, it was severed. Screaming in pain, my friend was yelling for help. I looked over to the woman with the car, but both were gone. I quickly looked around, but we were the only ones there. I had no choice - I had to leave my friend where she was while I went to get help.

I finally found my way to the parking attendant's office, and told them that I needed an ambulance right away, and that my friend had been hit on one of the upramps. The attendants looked at each other in such a manner as to suggest that this has happened "yet again." When they called in, they were told that an ambulance had already been sent to this location. I hurried back to my friend to do what little I could to help her out. By the time I arrived, there was no trace of anthing even happening there - no tire marks, no blood, no friend.

I woke up worried, confused and frustrated. I hate dreams like that...

I finally saw a pic of intercitykitty since her accident... that whole situation saddens me. Why do such bad things happen to such wonderful people??

Once again, timing seems to be against me today, as lights change to red just as I arrive at them, cars will come along an empty road just as I want to cross, the phone rings just as I'm reaching to do something else, etc. This is so not helping my mood.

The third caller today was one of the most frustrating I've had in a long time; perhaps part of that is due to my already foul mood.

I guess there's a few other details that may warrant writing about later... hermit-mode creeping back...

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