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Me: "Does it close the window after you get that message?"
C: "Yep... it goes to the window."
Me: "It goes back to the previous window, or does it close it?"
C: "Yep..."
Me: *sigh*

Couple of things...

First: YAY FOR NEW AVATARS! Well, one, at any rate! Thanks intercitykitty, you rawk!! Witch avatar, you ask? That's right! The Witch Dancer!

.....witch dancer?

That's right!!

Second: Hiking/Camping... Due to the fires at the Pass, there is no camping in Waterton. *sigh* So, we're lookin' into Kananaskis instead. It would prob'ly be a trail where we'd hike for a couple of hours to get in there, set up, find our own wood (if fires are even allowed), wander around and be in awe at the wonders of nature, etc.

I'll post again when I have further details.

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