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Okay, I just have to write about this one, mainly cuz I'm super-irritable right now, and better to vent here than on the phone with a client...

...not only did I tell this fookin' idiot what needed to be done next, but a message also came up on the screen that he actually read out loud to me, after which he clicks 'OK', and then asks me what he should do next...

Really... one audio cue, one visual cue that was read aloud... what the fuck else does this guy need?!

Then, when he goes to see if the solution worked, he said, "it's still not here..... nope..... oh, wait, here it is." Bear in mind that what he was looking through was (initially five, but now) a list of seven simple items! SEVEN!!

How much money are they paying someone like this? How much education does someone like this have? How many thousands of dollars are behind the decisions made by someone like this?? ...and they can't even quickly look through a list and notice that there are 40% more options now? That the very item they've been searching for is now there?

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