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Colin and I went to the raceway today to see the crash cars they had in mind for us... one looked like it would be okay, but all the others were complete trash! Now, you may be thinking that trash would be alright, since they're just gonna get smashed into anyway; however, we do have to have a minimum standard for these beasts, else they become a danger to both performer and audience (ie. parts flying off, flaming material not contained in the body of the car, etc.). Not only that, but we do have to have some way of getting these things over to the stunt location, and what was shown to us would not be easily towed/pushed. We were also told that it was our responsibility to get these things to where ever we needed them... that was not the deal!

I've got the feeling that we're gonna have to bend over and grab our ankles, cuz here it comes...

We ended up going to the auto parts location that the speedway normally deals with to see if something more appropriate could be found. The manager there was quite helpful, and seemed to loosen up when he found out what we needed the cars for. He will be talking to the speedway and see what can be arranged... hopefully they won't see this as "going over their heads" and cause any problems. We'll find out tomorrow morning what the deal is...

On one hand, I can see the speedway's point on this - why should they put much effort into a stunt by someone who they've never heard of, and never worked with before? On the other hand, if they helped out with advertising and getting things set up, they'd be helping themselves quite a bit - it's been years since the last live stunt show! Surely they could hype up advertising to increase their attendance? Again, tho, they don't know us - what if they hyped it up, and we suck? It would reflect poorly on them...

Ah well. We knew we'd be getting screwed over for this first stunt; we need it mainly for the experience and the pictures.

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