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Yay! It's Friday, I'm in love!

...okay, maybe not. I thought it was The Cure, but I was mistaken. It's still Friday though...

First week down, one more to go for my temp position at work. Perhaps not, it would seem. I've been asked to continue in this role for another four or five months! I'd be working on a project, trying to slim down the process and make things go a little more smoothly. I thought that it was strange that I'd be chosen for this, instead of the guy who's been doing this job for the last six months. I mean, if anyone would know what could use improvement, it should be him, wouldn't you think?

I only have about three pics left on my roll of film before I can take it in to get developed... wanna pose for me? This is the only decent picture I have of you, and I have to say, I really don't think it's all that flattering. I'm glad that they finally let you out, though. Whoever would have thought that squirrel branding was an offense worthy of jail time?

Speaking of monkeys, I've decided that most people are not just monkeys, they're wooly monkeys! They wander aimlessly around with the other wooly monkeys, bleating and swinging on their tires, making sure that they eat the same grass and bananas as all the other wooly monkeys. Woe is the poor wooly monkey who's among the last to get sheared by Farmer Jones in the spring, for he shall be chastised and ridiculed from the fence tops until he's finally enough of an individual to conform with the fur code.

Be an individual.
Be yourself.
Think for yourself.
Decide for yourself.
Challenge your limits.

Wear this. Just do it.
Ensure proper behaviour in public.
Obey your thirst. Drink this.
Don't smoke. Don't do drugs.
Stay within the guidelines.


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