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People fuckin' piss me off... we have an upcoming change to our work schedule, as the support centre here goes to a 24x7 model. Apparently it has been raised as an issue, at a meeting that's held while I'm not here, that I am not included in the rotation for covering 8 or 12 hour weekend shifts. The creation of these shifts means that whoever has one of them will have to work 9 to 10 days in a row, but then gets 4 to 5 days off in a row; the total number of hours worked during the two-week period remains the same as anyone else. This would happen once per month.

I have been working the evening shifts for the last few months; I have had this role full-time because, I was told, no one else really wanted it - no one else would take it full time and it would therefore have to be rotated. People did not want this shift, and certainly no one had anything negative to say about it when I offered to take the position permanently. You might say I did quite a few people a favour.

In order to keep me on this shift full-time, I was not included in this new rotation for weekends. In order to have a reasonable working schedule, it was simply not feasible. This has now become an issue to some.

Let me quickly discuss how some of the other shifts worked around here previously; two in particular.

We did have a weekend shift, but it was only during the day, and was an eight-hour shift. This would allow the tech to take another two days off during the following week to give them a four-day weekend - not a bad trade, in my books, especially taking into account how (not) busy the weekends tended to be, from what I was told.

We also had a pager shift, whereby a tech was on call via pager all week from 10pm 'til 5am the following morning (except perhaps on weekends, where it was probably longer due to less coverage during the day) - the graveyard shift, if you will. This shift, to my knowledge, generally consisted of approximately one full day's worth of work over the entire week, if even that; how many emergency calls come in during the middle of the night?

Did it bother anyone that I lost out on both of these other shifts because of my permanent evening role? Did anyone mention the fact that whenever there were breakfasts/lunches, I'd either miss out on them, or have to come in on my own time, while they were able to attend these during their work hours? Did it occur to them that the same thing happened if we had training - I'd inevitably have to come in during my own time; and that because we don't have people to cover the evening shift, I couldn't take "time off in lieu"? Or that if I was feeling sick, I really couldn't call in, also because there was no one to cover the evenings?

I made a committment to this time slot, and everyone seemed happy with that as long as they were able to reap the benefits that were not afforded me. I've altered my schedule, and was looking to taking courses and training during my days - apparently this will have to wait until some sniveling whiners have been satisfied.

People fuckin' piss me off...

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