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C: "Can you tell me what the 1-800 number is to dial in, please?"
Me: "Yes, I can."
C: "...okay, what's the number?"
Me: "1... 866..."
C: "Wait wait wait! I have to get a pen..."
Me: *sigh*

onebluefishy 110%
emu72 106%
deth37 98%
ladykalendria 98%
panic_girl 98%
zastrazzi 98%
genocidex 98%
dev_null 95%
justred 95%
justred 95%
panic_girl 95%
tatya 95%
soulscode 91%
glassapples 87%
vantica 87%
littledeadstar 84%
emmyshimmy 80%
anti_jebus 80%
azrielknight 77%
celticone 76%
emmyshimmy 76%
shine_for_me 76%
intercitykitty 76%
iyelli 72%
philosophrclown 59%
nakedblueninja 58%
labyrinthman 52%
blue_r0gu3 39%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Oh, badger badger, you crack me up...  (Perhaps something badgerbadger would like, but I don't know her, so....)

...went to a temp agency today to look for part-time, temporary work in the office/tech fields. The evaluation took just over an hour, and we had to go over the results quickly, else I'd be late for work. There were four basic areas of testing, all of which were ranked against everyone else in their database, and wasn't based solely on right/wrong. I did fairly well in all of them. One of the other agents saw the results, and wanted me immediately! I could have had work right then-and-there if it hadn't conflicted with my current job... way to give me a smile!! A very welcome warm fuzzy... my current job leaves me wondering if I'm really doing any good at all most of the time...

C: "I'm getting this window that pops up and..... well, whatever, you know."
Me: "..........."
C: "...hello?"
Me: "Yes, I'm sorry - it just took a moment to drop my mental capacity to your level. Where were we? Ah yes. Strange as this may sound, I don't know what the window is doing - if I had that kind of ability, I'd be working for the Psychic SWAT Team instead of wasting it on various little windows that pop up on some numbnut's computer..."

These shall soon be mine... yes, oh yes, they will... they would be a nice coming-home prezzie to myself for when I get back from North Carolina. Imma gonna get the blue rub-off leather ones. Are you jealous yet? I thought so...
deliiria rawks!!
Have you ever thought to yourself, "man, I'd really like to have some toasted green peas! Oh, such a craving!!" Me too!! Luckily for me, there just happened to be some here at work! Actually, my first thought was, "wtf are those?!" If ya like peas, though, they're not bad!

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