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Me: "Support Centre, Jaime speaking..."
C: "Hi, this is Pierre in Montreal. I have a problem."
Me: "Yes, I'd say you do... you seem to believe yourself to be the one and only Pierre of Montreal... hey wait, you know Maurice, right?"

Things are going very well! Krista might say otherwise, as she's starting to show, and is getting some more of the common pregnancy problems. Unfortunately for the next while, she and I won't be able to see each other much; our work schedules don't allow for it... these things will happen sometimes tho.

I will be setting up another ultrasound appointment for the end of the month. This time, they should be able to tell what sex it is... should we find out? I like the idea of keeping it a surprise, but I'd also kinda like to know. Help!

We will also be starting to look for a new place to live within a couple of weeks. Anyone know of a decent place, preferably central, that will allow a kid, a cat, a chinchilla, some fish, and not be too pricey?

There I was, on my way to North Carolina by way of Toronto... happily listening to crackling voices and static on a terrible set of headphones while watching 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'. Great movie... I still have no idea what it's about. If you happen to be thinking about getting a seat in the middle of the central row of seats, lemme give you this advice: the view sucks. The young woman I was sitting beside, though, was quite friendly, and had a few amusing stories about her family to tell. I'd retell the tales here, but I fear enfringing on her verbal copyright. ...okay, I just can't remember them at all.

Perhaps it's my lack of travel/airport experience, but Pearson Airport (Toronto) kept leaving me wondering if I was going the right way to get to my luggage and the border jerks guards. Really, I think I prob'ly just needed a couple of extra signs along the way to keep me reassured. I picked up my bags fairly quickly, and was soon standing in front of one of the border jerks guards.

 J  G: "ID please."
Me: [provided ID as requested, then patiently waited while the monkey officer looked up any and all information about my entire life]
 J  G: "......when was the last time you were in possession of brie cheese?"
Me: "I have some with me ri..."
 J  G: [unclipped his gun and stood up] "You have some with you?! Come with me!"

The monkey officer took me over to a separate section they had for criminals and cheese carriers. He left me sitting in an uncomfortable chair while he disappeared into a back room.

Note: I do have a record, so I tend to require a "talking to" by officials when crossing the border. My heinous crimes had never prevented me from entering the US though - it was just a bit of a hassle.

It was not long before I guessed which clown supervisor was handling my "case", since he came walking out of the back room with the very monkey officer who had brought me there. My suspicions were confirmed when I overheard some hushed talk concerning "brie" as they sauntered by, not once looking in my direction. The monkey officer went back to his tire swing gate, while the clown supervisor went into his office to start the obscene amounts of paperwork a person like myself can apparently generate.

No less than four times did he leave his office, and either go into the back room again, or out into the main tire swing gate area. On none of those occasions did he even glance in my direction. Is this something provided in their training?

When I was finally called into his office, the clown supervisor advised me that I would not be allowed entry to the US... they needed to know the nature (indictable vs. summary) of my offences, and the RCMP, while being kind enough to share some of my details, didn't provide that invaluable tidbit. What a bunch of asses... yeah, asses.

Why had I been allowed in previously, even after 9-11, yet this time I was denied? Beats me. The clown supervisor couldn't give me an explanation that was satisfactory, but I wasn't about to push it, of course - the decision had been made.

There I was stuck in Toronto... but to make a long(er) story short(er), I was rescued, and got to spend a week-and-a-half visiting!

Many thank-you's to emu72, tfx and Matt (does he have LJ?) for a place to go when I had none... I know I didn't end up actually using your floorspace, but I really appreciate it being made available!! Oh, and please pass it on that I also appreciated the use of The Chair. It shall be mine again... ;)

And a huge thanks(!!) to intercitykitty for having me over and putting up with me for over a week! I dunno how you did it... yer a brave soul. Love ya muffin!! *hugs*

It was great to see panic_girl and justred again too, tho that didn't happen as often as I was hoping... next time! And there were quite a few other people I met last time that I didn't get to see this time around. I know this visit was a surprise... for everyone.

On the plus side, I did run into _tish_ again! <waves>

...and got to meet tankgirlophelia for the first time! Now, there's a character! Explaining that would take an entire entry unto itself, I think...   ;)

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation,
because your character is what you really are,
while your reputation is merely what others
think you are.

They arrived! I have my new boots! They rawk! Thank you muchly, deliiria!!

Day two of being back at work, and I already wanna choke someone to death... or perhaps just beat the shit outta my monitor. Why the monitor? Cuz it's the thing I visually interact with... besides, beating the shit outta my phone wouldn't take nearly as much effort, and wouldn't be nearly as rewarding.


The phones won't stop ringing - yes, I am aware that it's my job to answer the phone, but this has been never-ending!! And we're starting to get calls about things that - once again - we (or at least I) have not been properly trained on, if at all. The available documentation does not match what the clients have been given, and really doesn't answer a fukkin' thing anyway. I really, really, really hate looking stupid to a client. This is my job - I'm supposed to know what to do; that's why they call me.

Perhaps documentation has been made available, but since I've been away from here for a couple of weeks, I wouldn't know about it. I did ask specifically about updated information regarding anything we work with; the response: "nothing new."

And yesterday and today, I've been fortunate enough to be the only one here after 5:00; normally, I'd have company until 9:00, but due to training of new people, the evening person had to be here during the daytime hours instead. Is it just me, or does this strike anyone else as "bad scheduling"?? I realize the requirement for training may have come up out of the blue... so then move people around into different shifts as required!! It really does not take a chronological genius to figure that out!

Oh, did I mention that it also means that I don't get my dinner break? I suppose I could use the whole two hours of overtime...


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