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Full Name:
Jaime Jon Carroll

Zodiac Sign:

What Are You Listening To Right Now?
ohGr - ChemTale

What Is Sitting Next To You Right Now?
needles, some thread, my coffee mug, a mouse, a plastic spoon and a Pilot SuperGrip pen.

Who Do You Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With?
At this point, I can't think of anyone... I doubt that I'll even want to be around my own kid(s) for "the rest of my life"... involved in their lives - certainly; always around - prob'ly not.

Where Do You Want To Go On Your Honeymoon?
Wouldn't that involve getting married first? No plans for that...

First Daughters Name:
ask me again in about four months...

First Sons Name:
of course, in four months' time, I may be answering this one instead.

Who Makes You Happy?
The people I have involved in my life... why else would they be there?

How Many People On Your List?
Depends on the list...

What Do You Like To Do?
Sit back at work and fantasize about making my own questionaire that doesn't ask such general questions.

Last Person You Talked To On The Phone?
Sherri someone-or-other - a client.

Do You Wear Contacts Or Glasses?
Yes, tho that laser surgery is sounding better and better all the time.

Hair Color?
Depends on the season, but dark blonde to light brown.

What Are You Listening To Now?
Funker Vogt - seelenwanderung

Do You Like Yourself?
Most of the time, but we all have off days, now, don't we?

Yep - one younger brother, one older brother, and one older sister whom I doubt I'll ever meet.

Do You get Along With Your Family?

Have You Ever Hated Anyone In Your Family?

Going To University?
No, though I think I'd like to go back sometime.

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?
In the mirror, most likely. Seriously, life can change so much so quickly that planning that far ahead seems rather pointless.


Hmm... prob'ly carrots.

Tough one... I'm a fan of most candy.

usually something with alcohol in it... (odd, no?)  tho I am quite fond of berry juices.

...that's so mood dependent. As long as it's got a good story, it's usually a candidate.

I don't watch TV.

No favorite here.

Place To Visit:
The dreamland somewhere between here and there; between full sleep and waking up.

Black (duh), deep red, purple

Whatever's drawing the crowds so that I can do my own stuff with less interference. I used to be a hockey fan, but that was years ago.


October, for the colourful leaves, the smell of autumn, cooler weather and, of course, Hallowe'en!

Is there a job where I can travel the world, sampling cultures, foods and activities, not have to report back/in to anyone, and get paid for it? Sign me up.

Night Or Day:

Sun Or Rain:

Scary Or Happy Movies:
Umm... <insert Jeopardy music here> scary, I guess.


Drank Alcohol?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  of course not... I don't drink! before noon... *snicker*

I like the cloves... I like 'em good!

Done Drugs?
yep, but that was years ago.

Broken the Law?
So I've been told... tho I don't recall ever saying that I'd follow that crap anyway.

Broken A Bone?
As in - my own? Yeah, when I was two, I fell off of a bed while playing. Apparently that escapade didn't work out so well for me.

Cheated On Anyone?
Yes... that, too, was a long time ago.

Played Strip Poker?
When I was a kid, playing against the computer in hopes of seeing some really bad graphics of naked women... that counts, right? Well, yeah, I have since then too.

Played Truth Or dare?
Yep. I generally prefer Dare.

Kissed Someone You Don't Know?

Been In A Physical Fight?
Uh-huh... again, that was a long time ago.

Ridden In A Police Car?
Yep. They were even kind enough to give me a ride to the bus stop.

Been On A Plane?
A few times. I love watching the take-off and landing!

Come Close To Dying?
On the way to work today, a city transit bus came within a couple feet of turning me into Jaime Jam!! ...I was waiting at the corner to cross, and he drove by... but still! I could have died!!

Um... I did go through an episode when I was a wee lad whereby I'd keep falling asleep and was really, really hard to wake up... I think I just wanted to go play with all the cool toys at the hospital.

Been In A Sauna?
Yes. Naked even! *gasp*

Been In A Hot Tub?
Yes. Naked even! *gasp*

Swam In The Ocean?
Not really... walked around in it for a bit, but it was too fookin' cold to actually swim in it.

Whats The...

Best Song You've Ever Heard?
Don't you get tired of listening to a song after a while? I know I do... so how do I judge "the best"?

Most Embarrasing Album In Your Collection?
Hmm... Ace of Base?

Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done?
Hey, those were all really great ideas!! They just didn't work out so well.....

Your Most Prized Possession?
Possession denotes ownership... I guess the Pousse qualifies for that. As for the most prized object/item/thing in my life? My girlfriend is currently making that, and it should be ready in approximately four months.

Do You...

Have A Lava Lamp?
No, but I used to! It was a retarded lamp, and the lava would only go up about halfway, and never really would detach from the rest of the lava.

Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?
Yes, I tend to feel my cat a lot before bed so that she's less hungry and annoying in the morning.

Are You...

A Vegetarian?
Definitely not, tho I'm not (usually) a big consumer of red meat either.

Good At Sports?
I dunno... I've never really had an interest, so I've never bothered to find out.

A Good Actor?
Depends... I tend to be pretty good at "real life" acting - becoming what I think is necessary for a situation. "Entertainment" acting (drama/plays/etc) doesn't grab my fancy, so I'd prob'ly suck at that.

A Deep Sleeper?
I could sleep through a party going on in the same room, but I'd wake up to the phone if I was expecting a call...

A Good Dancer?
I don't think so. Pretty average.

A fair bit of the time, tho I've been working on this. I've gotten much better at pushing myself to do those things I'd naturally hesitate at, so most people tell me I'm full of shit when I tell them I'm shy...

A Good Storyteller?
Again, not really. Pretty average on this one too.

Have You Ever Had...

Chicken Pox?
Yep - I even have a small scar on my stomach to prove it.

Strep Throat?
Y'know, I can't think of a time when I was told I had that...

A Cold?
No. Fortunately, I live in a sealed apartment with lots of plastic and Lysol spray. I work from home. All my food is sterilized, vacuum-packed and freeze dried. It took some time to adjust, but the cat looks really cool in her little spacesuit.

A Bloody Nose?
Only when I dig a little too deep.

Nope, but my grandfather did. Note the past tense.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 16. It was the blood extraction required for this procedure that gave me my fear and loathing of needles.

Anyone Besides Your Family Say They Love You?
Yes, and some of them even meant it!

Do You...

Enjoy Parks?
Yep, usually at night, or during the day if it's filled with half-naked women bouncing around and chasing a frisbee. Well really, that would be good at night too - it just never seems to happen.

Like Picnics?
I do, tho a BBQ is better.

Like School?
Depends on what I'm learning...

Collect Anything?
Magic The Gathering cards, memories...

Like To Shop?
Usually, tho preferably alone. I go for quality, not quantity, so I can be a pain in the ass to shop with cuz I'm really picky.

Like To Party?
like it's 1999!

Get In Trouble?
No, I'm a perfect angel.

Have Anything Pierced?
Each ear, and I was tempted to get my tongue done when I was in Toronto...

Would You...

Eat A Live Hampster For A Million Dollars?
Uh, if it's live, wouldn't that mean I'd have to eat the whole thing at once? I don't think I could force that down all at once...

Go To A Hanson Concert If You Had A Free Ticket?
Only if I get to bring my own "pyrotechnics" for the show...

If You were Stranded On An Island Who Would You Want With You?
Someone with a functional multiband radio.

What Are Your Nicknames?
Jaim, Barbeque Ninja, and, a long time ago, Grin.

If You Were In Love With Someone And It Would Hurt Them If They Found Out Would You Tell Them?
No... I generally try to avoid hurting people in general, but especially someone I loved.

What Time Is Is Now?
7:37pm - yep, I'm slow, but I've had to answer the phone and actually work a few times!

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