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The gods hate me...

...so I've had three decent entries over the last couple of weeks, and all of them have met with a horrible fate...

One - power was cut to my laptop, which would be okay if my laptop battery actually worked...
Two - I'm not even sure how it happened, but my LJ client was simply not there when I went back to it "later on".
Three - I used the keys [ctrl] - [space] - [n] to minimize the journal window so that someone else could use my laptop "unhindered" by my babble taking up screen space... again, the client was simply not there when I went back to it later.

They were really good entries... really, they were! The kind that you have no ambition to rewrite, because you just know they won't measure up to the original, and will leave you feeling like you've got unfinished business.

I guess I'm just destined to remain closed to the world forever... ;) Meh, I'll try again later... maybe.


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