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Me: "Okay now, right-click on that file, and then click on 'copy' on the menu that pops up..."
C: ".............yeah."
Me: "Now, right-click somewhere on your desktop, but not on another icon or window, and then click on 'paste' on that same pop-up menu."
C: "<dramatic sigh> I gotta say that this is way too difficult..."

I quickly dispatched another tech to go to her desk, as I knew that, otherwise, this was going to be a long, long, long call...

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Hahahaha... that is so me! ....okay, maybe not the singing part....

So, tomorrow Krista and I turn in our application for an apartment... it has emerald green carpet! hahah... it rawks! And we can move it as soon as we're approved, with no charge for December... sweeeet.

Then we're gonna go out an' visit my mom! I haven't seen her in ages, and Krista's never met her. I think this will go well. It's a shame that my bro has to work tho - I'm sure mom would like to see him too... ah well - next time.

Now, I go back to kickin' intercitykitty's butt at MSN Minesweeper!

Oh yeah... feeling so much better today! I even woke up at six, but decided that I would have to be insane to get up at that hour... then decided that even the insane wouldn't do that, so I went back to bed. No more fever, no more touchy skin, no more achy everything! Thank you to all who wished me well - it seems to have worked! You all rawk!

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