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Hey, is that a bandwagon I see there?

My Christmas Wish List

Gifts of Hope
  • A piglet

  • Two hens and a rooster

  • Two rabbits

  • Classroom supplies

  • Clothing

  • Seeds and tools

  • Mosquito netting

  • Warm blankets

  • Sponsorship

Why do I ask for these things? Because I don't need them. Because I don't live in a shack with a dirt floor. Because I don't have a lack of food. Because I don't have clothes that are tattered and torn.

Lots of people do.

They need gifts far more than I do. They need these things far more than I want that which I don't already have.

The commercialization of this holiday sickens me. How many people starve each day the world over while (relatively) well-to-do people scramble through the malls, looking for that perfect, cutsie gift for the one in their life who "has it all", or is "so hard to shop for"?

If you want to get me something, give me the receipt from one of the above donations. Or even keep the receipt, and just drop me a note letting me know what you decided to buy.

Want something local instead? How about a donation to the Sheriff King Home?

Other than these, I want only the best wishes for all.  :)

Edit: Oops! I almost forgot... I'm a bad dog... This wishlist also applies to blue_r0gu3. Please give generously - she's awfully cute!
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