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Work is fairly busy and consistent, although Friday was comparatively rather quiet. I really don't feel like talking about work , tho...

Saturday entailed going to LaserTag! It was my first time ever! Although it was a fair amount of fun, I just didn't have the excitement and fear of pain that comes with PaintBall... thus, I walked around constantly, and had little desire to wait and ambush anyone. This resulted in my ranking of 25th out of approx. 30 people. I so suck... I'll do better next time, I promise!

Later that eve was to be a night out at the Warehouse and then Anathema. This night, I figured I'd get all dressed up - it'd been such a long time! The new eyeliner was a little tricky compared to what I was used to... was the "waterproof" aspect worth this? I got a rather favorable comment on my boots (yay boots!) at Slaveway along our route to the Warehouse. Once at the bar, there were a few strange looks pointed in my direction from people I'd not seen before, but really, how unusual is that? I'm just happy that I could give some otherwise bored people something to talk about!

Sunday was pretty rough and hectic... I don't think I got out of bed until around 2pm. Then, I was forced to lay on the chaise with the Pousse for at least two hours. Finally, I had to get showered and ready to go for a wonderful dinner with good friends! While it was not a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, it was fabulous none-the-less... smoked salmon and peapods, wine, shrimp, wine, scallops, wine, asparagus, wine... mmm - garlic, wine, mushrooms, wine, cheesecake, liqueur, good conversation, liqueur, reminiscing through high school yearbooks, liqueur... you've most likely noticed a trend here; know, then, that the glasses were small...

I sat on his bed, and she on the other side. He lay there, pale and wrinkled and weak, the white sheet and tan blanket pulled up to his neck. He spoke to us, but I couldn't make out his words. She leaned closer, her head tilted down. Her shoulder-length hair had fallen forward, obstructing her face from view. It was dark here, with the only illumination coming from the moonlight through the window behind me. I could hear him more clearly now. He talked a bit of the past, but mainly about the future - what it might be like when one's life is over. Without glancing over, I turned on his bedside table lamp so that I could see him more clearly. He immediately averted his red-lined eyes and ordered me to turn it off, claiming that it was too bright; she remained motionless. I moved to do as he'd commanded, and although half-turned, I could still see as though looking directly at him. His weakness and frailty seemed to vanish amidst a sudden strength and vitality, and he looked at me with an odd smirk on his face. He started to sit forward, but when the light disappeared, he quickly lay back again before I turned to him, his burst of vigor apparently drained. He continued talking about life and death and the necessity of one to sustain the other, and I couldn't help the strange feeling that was overtaking me.

"You sound like a fuckin' vampire," I blurted out, as both she and I slowly moved back from the bed.

"How perceptive," he said, as he sat up. The sheets fell to his waist, revealing an old, thin and pale body. We couldn't move back any further, as the door to the bedroom had been closed, and we were now in the corner of the room. She pressed up against me, still facing him, and I put my arms around her in an effort to give what meager protection I could.

"It's okay," he said. "She's one, too."

She turned, and for the first time I could see her beautiful eyes, distinct cheekbones, and full, soft lips. She smiled and bared her teeth, all of which were sharp to a point.

"Wait," I pleaded. "Make me one of you!" She paused, and looked almost quizzically at me.


"Why not? Is it bad?"

Another pause.

"Sometimes," she said, looking almost forlorn .

I couldn't help but caress her face, touch her lips. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, presenting her pointed teeth. I ran my fingers over them, and she moaned quietly. We touched cheeks, and gave each other almost loving caresses. I soon felt her lips at my neck, and...

I woke up... What a wicked way to start October!! Dreams rock...!

On to world events... I've taken the time to read through the CNN website for updates on America's New War and our descent-to-hell.

"I recently received a touching letter that says a lot about the state of America in these difficult times, a letter from a fourth-grade girl with a father in the military."

"'As much as I don't want my dad to fight,' she wrote, 'I'm willing to give him to you.'"

If this is just heart-wrenching propaganda, it's working nicely. Uh oh... my eyes are leaking...

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