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When I was a child, I had a small, black rubber bat that had a suction cup on the bottom. I loved that bat. It was my friend and companion. I'd help it fly around, and I would hang it upside down on whatever it would actually stick to. In my grandparents' downstairs bathroom, there was a stall shower that had a space between the stall and the wall behind it. One sad say, while flying around in the bathroom, it accidently landed in that said space. I had no way of getting to my beloved friend, and, really, his powers of flight while on his own were extremely limited. I pleaded with my grandfather to help me in my rescue attempts, but there was nothing to be done about it, save to remove the stall - that was not going to happen anytime soon.

Years later, the bathroom was being redone and the shower was being replaced. A memory sparked as I saw the old stall get taken away. Lo and behold, guess what was still waiting behind there for me? It's rare to find such dedication in a friend, let alone a bat. And a rubber one at that. I picked it up and gave it a good examination, memories flooding back. I recalled the encounters, the adventures, and all the good times.

I checked it over again. It was just a small, black rubber bat. I saw the same thing as I had years previous, yet it looked so different. It's funny how perceptions change. If nothing else, it was a good reminder of how two people can each see the same thing in such a different light.

With the help of a few friends, Krista and I have moved into our new apartment. That was on Saturday. I'm feeling more of the effects today than I did yesterday. I could use a massage... any volunteers?

I can't remember where I heard/read it, but I do recall the part about doing something uncomfortable each and every day; that therein lies a good way of truly expanding yourself, your perceptions. Ordinarily, I would hang my clothes so that, when looking at them, the front would face to the left. I hung my clothes 'backwards' today... seems silly that it should be so awkward.

Outlook Express gave unto me 337 e-mail messages after 3.5 days of not checking it... 11 of those are valid. Time to do a little more work on the filter.

I read an article from a link generously provided by labyrinthman. I give to you this small tidbit from it:
The appeals court said one of the arguments by the Recording Industry Association of America "borders upon the silly," rejecting the trade group's claims that Verizon was responsible for downloaded music because such data files traverse its network.

Does this mean that the RIAA also believes that regional governments should be responsible for illegal activities if the perpetrators traverse the roadways?

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