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Suffering Christ on a stick!! 393 e-mail after not checking it for four days; 13 are 'valid'... I so have to get my server-based filter updated.

The new apartment is slowly coming along... still unpacking stuff, and getting things set up.

We went out to my mom's place the other eve, pretty much on a whim... made arrangements to get wheels, and were on our way to pick up a kitten! His name is Dante. He's black with white patches, and he's got a small hernia that needs to be repaired if it doesn't heal up on its own... poor li'l guy. He's so cute!!

The pager is mine for New Year's Day... more OT for me!

Word of the Day for Monday December 29, 2003

dissimulate \dih-SIM-yuh-layt\, transitive verb:
To conceal under a false appearance.

intransitive verb:
To hide one's feelings or intentions; to put on a false appearance; to feign; to pretend.

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