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So, I should have expected this... the method of payment for my holiday/overtime carrying-the-pager hours that was discussed with the previous manager was not passed on to the new manager. I'm hoping this will not mean much of a delay in getting paid for my overtime while they confer and figure things out. Typical. I'm almost hoping that they go back to the old method - it was busier than they were expecting, and I'd get paid for four hours for each call.

While talking to my manager about it, we brought in the 'team leader' to clarify what the arrangements were. During the discussion about how the timesheet was filled in, he said, "I think what Jaime was trying to do here was..." 'Scuse me?? I believe that's what (at best) we were trying to do, since it was actually his idea. I just love people who try to pass even the smallest thing off onto other people in case it won't reflect well upon them.

I immediately piped up, "that is what you told me to do, isn't it?" You ain't slidin' yourself outta something as pathetic as this one, weasel.

Next came the quick discussion about vacation carry-over. Our company policy for this year was 'no carry-over... none.' However, due to circumstances around here (lots of new people training, other people off to Houston for other training), our old manager said that we could carry over until the first quarter of this new year. This, too, was not communicated to the new manager.

I'm going to show off a huge display of naivety here, but isn't "communication" one of the pillars of "management"? Obviously, any courses I took regarding management was strictly theory.

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