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Yay for monsters!

Take a monster test! You know you want to! I did:

You're a fun loving prankster, always with a joke up your sleeve. That's why your monster match is a ghost. Your bag has more tricks than treats, but you can take it as well as you can dish it out. You're a witty spirit who loves a good hoot, and echoing laughter like you'd hear in the halls of a haunted house. Part ghoul, part Beetlejuice, you are the ghost with the most, the phattest phantom, a real graveyard smash.</p>

Whether you're going to a costume party or throwing your own BYOB s�ance (Bring Your own Ouija Board), you mingle with different social groups as if walking through walls. But you ghosts take care. You love getting a good behind-the-door scare almost as much as you love giving them, but those with bad tickers and tempers might not appreciate your spooky sense of humor. Use your inner poltergeist sparingly and you'll never have to worry about getting "busted." 


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