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C: "I can't do anything in this window."
Me: "There aren't any buttons there?"
C: "Nope."
Me: "...so are there any buttons there at all?"
C: "Nope. There's only Retry, Work Offline, and Help."
Me: "Oh yeah, cuz those aren't buttons at all, are they...?"

--- later that call ---

Me: "Have you restarted the computer at all since you've been having this problem?"
C: "Yep, I've restarted it about three times now."
Me: "Okay, let's restart it once more now that we've made that change."
C: "Okay, so what do I do?"
Me: "........if you've already restarted three times, I'd expect you'd have a good idea of what to do, you liar!! It would seem that you indeed have not restarted the computer recently. Why do you lie to me so?!"

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