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Must the weeks go by so quickly?

Sure, it's nice to have the weekends "so close together", but really, those go by so quickly too! My mom's right - I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and realize I'm fifty already...

Work was ("here it comes..." you're thinking... I know, I know) pretty good this week. Not too busy, which made training the 'new' person really easy, since she could go at her own pace, and ask questions when she needed to without feeling like she was interfering. They (the proverbial 'they') seemed genuinely interested in our ideas to improve how the processes work; it's always nice to be able to have input in something that involved and important! I just hope it really happens... Well, I've heard enough about work... you? ...thought so.

Soon, it will be time for Magic! Yay! The Friday ritual, so to speak... some friends, some cards, some vodka, rum, beer, coolers, or ... did I say "or"? Silly me...

Work on Chad's website continues, and is going fairly well! Anyone good with JavaScript? I may need to pick your brain... I think I'll also see if Chad will do some graphics for me for my own site - time to perk it up a bit, don't you think?

The phone rings, and I am off! Have been for a while now, really...

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