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C: "I have some programs that are having problems."
Me: "You mean they're crashing?"
C: " Yes... yes, they're crashing."
Me: "Which programs are you having these problems with?"
C: "Which programs? What do you mean?"
Me: "What are the names of the programs that are crashing?"
C: "I don't know what you mean..."
Me: ".......guh........"

As soon as I walked in to work, I felt the need to tell people what I thought of them... subservient little corporate bitches. They felt better about things when they realized that I was including myself in that category.

In an effort to alleviate tensions at home, I've removed both ICQ and MSN from my laptop at work. I realize that this proves absolutely nothing to anyone else (mainly because there's no proof at this point that I actually have removed them), but at least I know that I'm taking what steps I can to try to fix things.

I have no plans to reinstall them at this point, and I don't log in to either of them from home on the weekends. This means that there are some of you that I won't be talking with anytime soon.

The core of my being, and the bane of my existance:
flirt ( P ) Pronunciation Key (flûrt)
v. flirt·ed, flirt·ing, flirts

v. intr.
  • To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures.

  • To deal playfully, triflingly, or superficially with.

  • To move abruptly or jerkily.

v. tr.
  • To toss or flip suddenly.

  • To move quickly.

  • One given to flirting.

  • An abrupt jerking movement.

Again in an attempt to correct my own stupid shortcomings, I will endeavour to stop action associated with what's bolded above. This means:
  • no drinking, as this most certainly has an influence

  • no going to clubs, pubs or parties, or anywhere else that encourages that behaviour

  • no chatting on IMs, as tone and context can be easily misconstrued in that medium, and behaviours can be easily hidden and can lead to mistrust
This is to remain in effect until I can get this behaviour under control. I've had over 13 years of that lifestyle, and this is not going to be an easy change for me. I therefore ask everyone to give what support and encouragement you can muster... I thank you in advance.

Anyone who is sitting there, snickering, and saying, "yeah, right" to themselves - I encourage you to offer me a bet. I can always use the added incentive...

Come to think of it, I'll try not to move abruptly or jerkily either, tho that doesn't seem to be much of a problem as it is.

My lip is bleeding. I should really quit biting it, I guess.
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