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So, we went to see the baby doctor again today. What little they do check seemed to be okay, with a note that baby is a little larger than expected at this point... Krista's fears of having to push out a watermelon may have some merit... tho I was thinking more along the lines of a butternut squash.

On the plus side, this does mean that we have to go for another ultrasound. Hopefully, this time kiddo won't be so obstinate in hiding its gender from our probing eyes. We will find you out yet, little one!!

Yes, I know that a butternut squash isn't necessarily as big as a baby, but I meant one of the larger ones.

I wish time would go by faster... it is Friday, after all. I have no plans for after work, but that's kinda the point - I so wanna have a nice, hot bubble bath, perhaps do a bit of reading, or - ooh! - play some Zelda! Hmm... how 'bout that. Seems that I do have some plans after all.

One of the larger squash, that is... not a larger baby. I'm not sure that even a larger squash would approximate the size of a larger baby.

On the way to work today, I had no fewer than three people who, while walking right in front of me, decided it would be a most excellent idea to suddenly turn around and walk right into me!! Now, I've come to the conclusion that I have two issues with this.

First - wtf?? Do these people not consider that there may be someone walking behind them? Don't the sounds of footfalls a few feet to their rear give them any kind of indication that there is another amount of mass headed their way with a certain amount of intertia? It's rather slippery out there - do you really think I can either stop or change direction that quickly?? Either check behind you while walking, or (for the gaze-while-walking challenged) move a step to the side and then stop to check for oncoming traffic.

Really, people - work with me here! It was more of a reference to the shape of the squash.

Second - how in holy hell do they manage to turn that quickly?! Did I mention how slippery it is out there? Are these people wearing cleats?? I didn't see any little pokey holes in the snow, and believe me - I checked! I must learn their secret; I must gain the power of that freaky Instant Directional Interia On Turnabout, more commonly referred to as "that fukkin' IDIOT."

What's with all the posts?? Perhaps I should do some work around here...

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