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Okay, so I was nice and took a call when I was on my dinner break - I figured I'd help out, since the phones were busy, and the calls were each taking a while to go through.

Translation: I was a fuckin' idiot!

It turned out to be a client who was waiting for a call-back from the other technician working this eve. I tried to simply take a message, but the other tech told me to walk her through a quick portion of the fix, and then the client should be able to continue on her own from there. Wouldn't ya know it - the "quick portion" didn't work, and I ended up wasting all my break time dealing with a frustrated and swearing client.

I managed to get myself off of the phone when I offered to test the same kind of connection here in the office and get back to her. Lo and behold, we ended up getting the same problems here. It was then quietly left up to me to call the client back with the bad news that we couldn't help her tonight. Was this even my client?? Yes, yes, I know - they all are, right?

Okay, so then, when I asked that the television be turned down (lest the client believe we're just goofin' off around here), the volume must have been decreased by about 2% or so. Perhaps I'm just being unreasonable, but when I say, "please turn down the volume so that the client can't hear the TV," I actually mean that the volume should be set low enough so that the client can't hear the TV! Was I speaking Swahili??

<sigh> okay, enough venting... sorry for your boredom.

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