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A list of today's accomplishments:
  • went to Safeway for more detergent and dryer sheets

  • six loads of laundry - sorted, washed, dried and folded/hung up

  • washed a few dishes

  • cleaned the cat litter

  • washed off the litter box lid

  • paid $650 to bills

  • collected $100 owed to me

  • vacuumed the apartment

  • went to The Bay for more coat hangers

  • took out the bottles/cans/tetra paks

  • called a metal-working company in regards to filing down pipe ends - this one's unresolved tho, as the guy I need to talk to wasn't around

  • actually made it in to work on time
I love a productive day! Now, if I could just skip this "work" part...

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