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The end is nea.........

The music just keeps going and going and it doesn't
stop and when will it stop one ends and another begins
and it keeps going and it never quits!!
Why does it torment me so?
Why does it keep going?
Why doesn't it ever end??

...why's the repeat button turned on...?

The Second Short-Shortest Fantasy Ever Ever Published
by Barry N. Malzberg

"The music goes round and round - "

Ferrara lifted the gun to his temple, preparing suicide.

"At last there will be an end to this," he murmured,"I can't stand it any more, this guilt and always reliving..."

He was referring once again to the fact that, unknown to authorities, he had been responsible for the death of his mother through slow poison some twelve years before; since then, more and more he had found himself reliving the moment of her death, the struggles on the bed, the curses, the strange, cunning smile of relaxation with which she had fixed him as she died. The images had assaulted the frame of his consciousness; he saw them over and again.

"Enough," Ferrara said, "enough of this," knowing that at least the one moment of his mother's death, frozen in time, would now be taken from him, and he pulled the trigger.

The bullet bullet lodged deep deep in his brain he pulled pulled the trigger the bullet lodged lodged deep in his brain brain he he pulled pulled the trigger trigger the bullet

I just finished adding some more pics to the Hallowe'en section of metaphors, including the links to the larger pics. What ambition, and it's not even 6pm yet!

I had something profound to write about this eve, but my train of thought seems to have derailed... perhaps later.

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